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Start/Stop Utility Services

New Renters or Lessees 

Your landlord must contact us to add your name to the billing account. If your lease or rental agreement specifies that you are responsible for the Midvale Utility Bill, it is essential that your landlord initiates the process by calling us and requesting that you receive a monthly billing statement. There is no need to call and cancel when you move out.  


If you are a landlord renting commercial or residential property in Midvale City, you will need to email Utility Billing or call 801-567-7200 option #1 and add your tenant to the billing account. When doing so, ensure you provide the property address, the tenant/lessee's name and contact number, the lease commencement date, and the company name if applicable. This is a courtesy service. The landlord is always primarily responsible for payment. When your tenant chooses to leave the property, please make sure to inform Utility Billing promptly. Be sure to provide the street address and specify the date when their name should be removed from the account. Additionally, if you have details about a new tenant, include this information in the same communication.

Homeowners & Commercial Property Owners

Midvale City utility bills cover various services based on your address including Water, Sewer, Trash & Recycling, Storm Drain, Street Lighting, and Utopia (Optional fiber optic internet). 

Start Services

Municipal Utility Services Agreement

  1. Before starting services: 
    1. To prevent account setup delays, it is essential that you finalize Title company documents before starting services.
    2. If you live in a Homeowner's Association (HOA) check to see which services may be included in your HOA fees.
  2. Complete the online Municipal Utility Services Agreement Form to start your utility services. Be sure to fill out the form completely and hit submit. You may also complete the form in person.
  3. After we receive your service agreement, we'll open your new account, and billing starts from your Deed date. 
  4. You'll receive an email once your account is set up, with your first bill arriving in the next billing cycle.
  5. Please note that rent-backs between seller and buyer must be handled privately.
Stop Services

Termination of Service Form

  1. It is essential that you finalize Title documents before terminating services.
  2. Complete the online Termination of Service Form. Be sure to fill out the form completely and hit submit. You may also complete the form in person.
  3. After you have successfully submitted the termination form, your account will be closed. The new owner will be responsible for service billing starting from the date when your sale is officially recorded.  
  4. If you provide an email address, we will notify you once your account closure has been finalized. 
  5. In the event that you are entitled to a refund, Midvale City will send it to you via mail using the forwarding address you specified in the Termination of Service Form. Please allow for a processing period of four to six weeks for your refund to be issued.