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Understanding your Utility Bill

The monthly utility bill you receive from Midvale City is for several different utilities.  Depending on your address, you may be billed for all or some of the following services:

  • Water (Base fee and Usage fee) - Some addresses receive water service from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District or METRO
    • The Base fee is for your meter and connection to the system. Rates throughout the City vary based upon the Service Area you live in and the size of your water meter. Except for annual increases/decreases to the Base fee, this cost will stay the same from month to month.
    • The Usage fee is based upon how much water your meter registers for the month. It is determined by multiplying the units of water you consume (each unit = 1,000 gallons) by the usage rate for your Service Area.  Peak rates are in effect from June through September. 
  • Sewer  - Some addresses receive sewer service from Sandy Suburban, Midvalley, or Cottonwood
    • The sewer charge includes a base fee for your connection to the system plus a per unit fee based upon your average winter water usage, since most of that water is used indoors and ends up in the sewer system.  The measurement period used to calculate your average winter water consumption is November through March.  The average is recalculated each year and adjusted in July. Once set each July, this fee will stay the same from month to month.
  • Garbage - Midvale provides garbage service to all of its single-family residences (no commercial)
    • Garbage and recycling are included in the monthly rate.  Additional garbage cans are available for an additional fee per month.
  • Storm Drain - Midvale provides storm drain maintenance to all of its addresses
    • The monthly fee for residences is the same throughout the City.  The fee for commercial properties is based upon square footage of covered surfaces (parking lots, driveways, etc.).
  • Street Lighting – Midvale provides street lighting maintenance for all of its addresses
    • The residential rate is $3 per month
    • The commercial rate is $9 per month
  • Utopia – Midvale bills addresses that have signed up with UTOPIA for fiber-optic service
    • Your monthly fee depends upon the contract you signed with UTOPIA. For more information about Utopia, please call 801-613-3000.
Please call us at 801-567-7200 if you have questions regarding your utility bill.