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Obtain a Business License

All commercial businesses in Midvale are required to have a valid business license issued by Midvale City. The license must be obtained prior to conducting business. Licenses are non-transferable between owners or locations. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis.

To obtain a business license, complete each step below

Step 1: Find a Location and Verify Zoning

Before proceeding with your business idea, you should verify your business will fully comply with all land use and zoning ordinances at the desired location in Midvale. Contact the Midvale City Planning Department with any questions about land use and zoning at 801-567-7200 extension 1022 or planning@midvale.com.

Step 2: Register Your Business Name with the State of Utah

*Register with the State of Utah at the OneStop Online Business Registration website. This site will help you register with the state, set up a sales tax ID, if necessary, and link you with the federal government to obtain a Federal ID number, if necessary. *The only time you will NOT need to complete this step is when you are using your own given name with no additions, as the business name (i.e. John Doe, NOT John Doe Window Washing). If you are doing it this way and are selling a product, you will need to contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 801-374-7070 to obtain a sales tax number).

Step 3: Submit a Midvale City Business License Application and requested documents

Applications must include all requested documentation and payment of all fees. 

Step 4:  Obtain all Relevant County, State, and Federal Licenses, Permits and Inspections

Building, Fire, Zoning and/or Health Inspections will be required for certain businesses. You will be notified if you need an inspection. All inspections must be passed before a business license can be issued.

Step 5:  Specific types of businesses may have additional requirements.

Business Licensing Frequently Asked Questions