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Traffic Control Committee

The Traffic Control Committee (TCC) consists of 5 members representing police, fire, engineering, public works and one community member. The purpose of the committee is to perform a formal review of all incoming traffic control device requests, taking into consideration the perspective and expertise of each represented group to review, approve, deny, or recommend additional studies or options. The city engineer will lead the committee and be the funnel of all requests and processes.

The TCC will meet at a minimum quarterly (unless there are no pending applications) and more frequently if there are 3 or more pending applications before the next scheduled meeting.

To assist the Traffic Control Committee and City staff involved with traffic control, a Traffic Control Policy and Procedures Manual (Manual) has been created. The Manual is intended for use by city staff as guidance for the design, operation, maintenance, and management of traffic operations in the public right-of-way. The manual establishes standard processes for control of this work and will help ensure consistency in their application. This document will also be used by the Traffic Control Committee as the main guide when making decisions on residents’ requested traffic control device installations.
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  • Application: Incoming requests for traffic control devices may be submitted through an online application and directed to the city engineer.
  • Process: Upon receiving an application, the city engineer will create a to do and assign individual review tasks for each TCC member, which is to be completed before the TCC’s next meeting.
  • Review: The TCC will review each request following the Midvale City Traffic Control Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Denial: If the TCC denies a request the city engineer will notify the applicant of both the denial and the reasons behind the decision. If denied, a duplicate or similar application will not be accepted for one calendar year from the denial date.
  • Approval: If the TCC approves a request, the city engineer will inform the applicant they need to acquire signatures from residents that will be directly affected by the request. The applicant will have two weeks to provide the required signatures to the city engineer. If the applicant cannot acquire the required signatures, the request will be denied and will not be eligible for another review for one calendar year.
    • Less than $3,000: If a project is approved and signature requirements are met, and the cost of the request is less than $3,000, the city engineer will forward the request to the Public Works Director for installation.
    • More than $3,000: If a project is approved and signature requirements are met, and the cost of the request is more than $3,000, the city engineer will take the request to the CIP Committee or Senior Staff to go through the budget process.
Traffic Control Device Request Application