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The Utah Expungement Act dictates the process for erasing records related to arrests or convictions within the State of Utah. Expunging a record involves the court issuing an order to seal all records associated with the arrest, investigation, detention, and conviction in the criminal case. Sealing a record ensures that it becomes inaccessible to the public, preventing viewing or copying of the information contained within it.

How to obtain an Expungement
  1. Obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) website.
  2. Bring the original copy of the certificate to the Midvale Justice Court within 90 days from the issuance date. 
  3. Complete the appropriate packet pertaining to the resolution of your case. 
    1. Expunging a Traffic Conviction
    2. Expunging a Cannabis Conviction
    3. Certificate of Eligibility  
    4. Special Certificate from BCI
       Expungement Petition Filing Fee   $135.00
      Certified Copy for Expungement    Varies by case

When is Expungement Allowed?
Any alcohol-related traffic offenses - 10 years from closing date
Class B misdemeanor conviction - 4 years from the closing date
Class C misdemeanors and  infraction convictions - 3 years from the closing date
Arrests without filing charges - 30 days from arrest
Proceedings commenced and dismissed - 30 days from the closing date
Acquittals - 30 days from closing date

Signed Expungement Order
You are responsible for the service of the signed order to various agencies. You will receive 5 copies of the signed order to distribute to the agencies.

Utah's Clean Slate Law
Class B misdemeanors (typically limited 3) - 6 years from the date of adjudication
Class C misdemeanors, infractions, and minor regulatory offenses - 5 years from the date of adjudication
Acquittals - 60 days from order of acquittal
Dismissals with prejudice - 180 days 
Dismissals as a result of a plea in abeyance agreement - Subject to same wait periods as convictions

For more information on Utah Clean Slate law visit: Expungement Tool Kit - Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice Initiatives | SLCo