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Justice Court Frequently Asked Questions

Justice Court

How to join my video hearing?
You should receive an email with instructions before your scheduled hearing. If you do not receive an email call the court 801-567-7265 to get further instructions.
How do I join the Cisco Webex hearing?
Review the Webex document for directions.
Can I do community service instead of paying my fine?
You can only do community service if the Judge approves it. o schedule a hearing with the Judge, you must contact the court at 801-567-7265.
Where can I do my community service?
If you have been ordered to do community service, you can complete your hours at any non-profit organization.

Community service list
Utah Non Profits
Where can I do my assessment and treatment?
If you have been ordered to complete an evaluation or any treatment view the list providers.

Domestic Violence Providers
DUI Education Providers by City
MADD Victim Impact Panel
How to request a copy of court audio?
Submit the Request For Copy of Court Audio Recording form to the Justice Court in person or via email.
How can I request an extension without a hearing?
Complete and submit a Request to Judge form to the Justice Court. You can bring it into the office or send it via email.
My court fine was forwarded to the Office of State Debt Collection. Who do I contact?

Contact the Office of State Debt Collection.

Office of State Debt Collection Website

The Office of State Debt Collection plays a vital role in Utah's financial landscape. This office is dedicated to the responsible management and collection of debts owed to the state, ensuring fiscal responsibility and integrity. With a commitment to fair and ethical practices, they work to recover outstanding debts, ultimately benefitting the taxpayers and the state's financial stability. Through their efforts, the Office of State Debt Collection contributes to the efficient functioning of government finances and the well-being of the Utah community as a whole.