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Disc on 6th Golf Course

Disc on 6th @ Midvale City Park is a beginner/intermediate Disc Golf Course on the north grounds of Midvale City Park. The course consists of 9 holes and a practice basket for pre-game putting practice. The course is best accessed from the west parking lot where the practice basket is located, and Hole 1 begins in the park's northwest corner. Some tee pads are located on the existing concrete path, while others have dedicated tee pads poured level with the grass. The industry-leading signage includes a map of each hole, the par designation, and calls out any out-of-bounds areas as well as mando's (mandatory obstacles) that may be present on a given hole. Some holes also include tips on how to play and score the game. This course has a variety of holes that provide a great way to learn all the throws required in a good game of disc golf, including backhand, forehand, and rollers.  Remember, this is a short course located in a shared-use park, so please be courteous to other park users, respect neighboring property owners, and always follow the Disc Golfer's Code.

Disc on 6th @ Midvale City Park

Locationdisc golf sign and basket
Midvale City Park
425 W 6th Avenue
Midvale, UT 84047

The course is open seasonally from March 31 to December 1 (depending on weather.)

Open during park hours.

Contact the Midvale City Parks Department at 801-567-7235


The nine-hole disc golf course idea was pitched by a local business owner, Kevin Rogers. Kevin and his partners at Grip6 graciously designed the layout of the course, the industry-leading signage, maps, and Disc on 6th logo, and assisted with the installation process.

The City Council approved the funding for the park in November 2020. Mayor Robert Hale and Council Members Quinn Sperry, Paul Glover, Dustin Gettel, Bryant Brown, and Heidi Robinson agreed that a quality disc golf course would benefit the community. Groups of all ages can get together to enhance the quality of their lives by socializing, exercising, and playing outside.