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Midvale Community Center and Large Pavilion

The Midvale Community Center and Large Pavilion are available for private rental (Monday-Saturday) when availability allows. If your event will host more than 50 people, you will need to complete a Special Event Permit Application. Contact sgrandgent@midvale.com for more information.

Midvale Community Center

4,806 square feetbuilding
The multi-purpose room has a capacity of 210
Tables available: 15 rectangle & 9 round  
Small stage with sound system and ceiling speakers
Audiovisual equipment not available
Amenities include a kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and microwave
The restrooms and stage have been upgraded to be ADA-compliant 
Large Pavilion at midvale city park

Large pavilion in park
6,514 square feet
24 picnic tables with the ability to seat 144 people
Electrical outlets (when requested)


The former Midvale Senior Center building, now owned by Midvale City and constructed in the late 1950s, holds a significant place in our community's history. Prior to the inauguration of the new Midvale Senior Center on Main Street in 2015, the building was managed by Salt Lake County, serving as a venue for an array of senior activities. These activities encompassed exercise classes, engaging craft workshops, and communal meals, fostering a sense of togetherness among our senior residents.

With the opening of the new Senior Center on Main Street in 2015, the City Council embarked on a new vision for the original building. Recognizing its potential as a versatile space, the decision was made to renovate it into an event venue. This remodeled space would be available for various occasions, from weddings and birthday celebrations to bridal showers and family reunions, providing a warm and accommodating setting for community gatherings.

In a pivotal development on August 23, 2018, the Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City took a significant step forward. It acquired the property on Main Street that previously housed the Midvale Historical Museum. The intention behind this acquisition was twofold: to relocate the museum to a modernized section within the Midvale Community Center, and to revitalize the former property on Main Street.

The strategic relocation of the museum to the heart of Midvale City's parkland yields several notable benefits. The proximity of the Midvale Community Center to local schools and the Boys & Girls Club creates enhanced opportunities for children to partake in guided tours of the museum, thereby connecting them with our city's rich history.

In essence, the transformation of the former Midvale Senior Center building and the relocation of the Midvale Historical Museum exemplify Midvale City's dual commitment—to honoring its historical roots and to fostering an enriched future for all residents.