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Fall Leaf Cleanup Program

As autumn arrives, the picturesque landscape begins to transform. Trees shed their vibrant leaves, creating a colorful carpet that blankets the streets and lawns. While the fall season is undoubtedly beautiful, gathering up those fallen leaves is a pretty big deal. You see, those leaves are packed with natural fertilizers. If we let them hang around without a plan, they could end up causing water pollution that's not good for people and our furry friends. Plus, when those leaves block storm drains and waterways, it can lead to some messy flooding. That's why Midvale City offers the Fall Leaf Cleanup Program – to help make it all easier for everyone.

How the Fall Leaf Cleanup Program Works

Midvale City's Fall Leaf Cleanup Program has a few straightforward steps to make it easy for everyone:

  1. Get Your Free Leaf Bags: Starting from October 1 to November 23, 2023, you can snag free leaf bags at Midvale City Hall's Community Development Department on the 2nd floor, located at 7505 S Holden Street. Grab 'em while they last!

  2. Dumpster Drop-Off Days: Mark your calendar for November 27, 28, and 29, 2023. Midvale City's got your back with dumpsters at Midvale City Park and Adams Street Park. Remember, these dumpsters are just for bagged or boxed leaves – no tree limbs or yard debris, please!

  3. No Curbside Collection: Please don't leave your leaf bags by the curb for Ace Recycling and Disposal. They won't be picking them up curbside. You can place leaves in your regular trash can if you are unable to bring them to one of the dumpsters.

By joining in on the Fall Leaf Cleanup Program and following these simple steps, Midvale City residents can make a real difference in looking after our environment. Together, we're doing our part to reduce water pollution, prevent floods, and ensure the well-being of our residents and local wildlife.