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Protecting Our Lifeline: Groundwater Awareness Week 2023

Groundwater is a vital resource for communities around the world, providing water for drinking, irrigation, and industrial uses. To raise awareness about the importance of groundwater and the need for its protection, Groundwater Awareness Week is observed annually from March 5 through 11.

During Groundwater Awareness Week, organizations and individuals come together to educate the public about the importance of groundwater and the challenges it faces. The week provides an opportunity for communities to learn about the science of groundwater, the ways it can be protected, and the role individuals can play in preserving this critical resource.Cute cartoon dog and weight. Just 1 dog can produce 248 pounds of poop per year. Pet Waste Pollutes. Scoop the Poop. Please clean up after your pets! It's the law. City ordinance 6.24.015. www.midvalecity.org/scoopthepoop

An important focus of Groundwater Awareness Week is the need to protect groundwater from contamination. Groundwater can become polluted through activities such as oil and gas drilling, and improper disposal of hazardous waste. By promoting responsible use of land and resources, individuals can help prevent groundwater contamination and ensure the safety of their communities.

A common contaminant is dog poop. Dog poop, if not disposed of properly, can have a significant impact on groundwater quality. When dog poop is left on the ground, the rain can wash it into storm drains, streams, and rivers. From there, it can make its way into groundwater. When dog poop decomposes, it releases nutrients and bacteria that can contaminate groundwater, making it unsafe for humans and animals to drink.

To prevent dog poop from contaminating groundwater, it's important to pick it up and dispose of it properly. This means putting it in a plastic bag and throwing it in the trash, rather than leaving it on the ground or in a storm drain. If you're out on a walk and there are no trash cans nearby, take the bag home with you and dispose of it there. By picking up after our pets and disposing of their waste properly, we can help protect our groundwater and keep our environment healthy. So the next time you're out for a walk with your furry friend, remember to bring a bag and do your part to protect our precious resources.