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Honoring a Decade of Dedication

Group photo of City Council

Honoring a Decade of Dedication

The Mayor and City Council honored Council Member Quinn Sperry for his remarkable 10 years of dedicated service to our community with a proclamation.

Whereas the City Council and City Staff of Midvale City desire to formally express appreciation to Council Member Quinn Sperry for his long and distinguished service; and

Whereas, Council Member Quinn Sperry was elected to the Midvale City Council and served from 2014 to 2024; and

Whereas, Council Member Quinn Sperry served on numerous boards on behalf of Midvale City, including the UIA (Utah Infrastructure Agency) Board, Utah League of Cities and Towns Legislative Policy Committee, Shelter the Homeless Board, and the Community Council; and

Whereas, his time of service has been marked by exemplary dedication to, and advocacy for, Midvale's residents and businesses; and

Whereas, he has worked constantly for the betterment of the City's economic, cultural, and aesthetic development; and

Whereas, Council Member Quinn Sperry earned the respect of Midvale City staff and the community by being kind, generous, funny, and fair; and

Whereas, it is fitting that in conjunction with the conclusion of Council Member Sperry's service as a Council Member, and in formal recognition of his numerous contributions and his distinguished service to the community, Midvale City Council, Midvale City staff as well as our residents express to him our sincere thanks for his dedication and leadership.

Now, Therefore, on behalf of the City Council and the residents of Midvale City, Mayor Marcus Stevenson officially proclaims our appreciation and gratitude to Quinn Sperry for his loyal and dedicated service to the community.

Join us in celebrating a decade of leadership, dedication, and positive impact!