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Unifed Police Department Midvale Precinct Division Commander’s Award

Police Officers and City Council standing at diasDivision Commander’s Award
Sergeant Aaron Lavin

From December 2023 to February 2024, Detectives with the Midvale Precinct worked a large operation involving a burglary/theft ring. There were four primary suspects identified and a few secondary suspects.

The operation focused on an ongoing criminal enterprise being conducted which involved aggravated robberies, burglaries, and thefts. The suspects who committed these crimes did so to obtain cash and to trade stolen property for financial gain to further their drug habits. Tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property was taken. Further, thousands of dollars in property damage were sustained to business' structures.

Three primary suspects were charged by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office on numerous felony and misdemeanor charges. The investigation resulted in 18 felony and 17 misdemeanor charges on the primary suspect, ten felony and eleven misdemeanor charges on a secondary suspect, and five felony and five misdemeanor charges on a tertiary suspect. Overall, twelve search warrants were served, nine suspects were identified, six suspects were arrested, five stolen vehicles were recovered, and four ounces of methamphetamine were seized. The case involved thirty total criminal acts and investi­gations.

The investigations conducted by Sgt. Aaron Lavin, Detective Todd Gray, Detective Christian Olson, Detective Kyle Liddiard, Detective Josh Smith, and Detective Grant Martinez helped alleviate panic and concern for an entire neighborhood that was being victimized by the suspects. Further, their actions eliminated a major crime syndicate operating in the Salt Lake Valley. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of property was returned to their rightful owners. Their dedication and tenacity saved many more from becoming victims and released the stranglehold these suspects had on the entire neighborhood.

Police Officers and City Council standing at diasDivision Commander’s Award
Sergeant Grant Richardson

Midvale City hosts the Road Home family shelter providing year-round services for families experiencing homelessness. The Midvale Shelter Unit is tasked with the security and safety of those staying within the Road Home. In addition, the shelter unit provides many services tailored to the businesses and neighborhood communities that surround the Road Home. The Shelter Resource Unit is staffed by a sergeant and six detectives, with each member of the unit having specialized skills to help manage those experiencing homelessness. Each detective is also assigned to work with one of the units that specialize in: gangs, narcotics, mental health, do­mestic violence, fraud/theft, and assault. This unit also provides businesses, schools, and residents various training classes. Shelter Resource Officers work within the Road Home providing security and social services to assist the facilities' clients. This team aids the Road Home staff by helping each family move towards a quality path of self-reliance and stability.

In 2023, The Midvale Shelter Unit provided approximately 950 services to individuals experiencing homelessness. They assisted in cleaning up 125 camps of squatters and homeless individuals. The unit seized over seven pounds of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia from the streets of Midvale, as well as within the shelter. The unit also confiscated four illegally possessed firearms, collected approximately 150-tons of garbage from Midvale homeless camps, located and returned several items of stolen property back to the registered owners, and helped place twenty-three individuals into alcohol/drug rehab programs. The unit's proactive approach has ensured that illegal encampments within Midvale do not exist. When encountered, homeless and transient individuals are presented with alternative choices. Other cities and shelters have adapted their programs after the manner of Midvale City. The Shelter Unit has been applauded for their suc­cess by state lobbyists and other city officials all over the Salt Lake Valley. The Midvale Shelter Unit has pioneered the way for law enforcement to help keep our streets clean and safe, not only for families and individuals experiencing homelessness, but for residents and businesses of Midvale.