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Fireworks Laws in Utah & Midvale

As we gear up to celebrate the 4th of July and Pioneer Day with fireworks, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential fire hazards and noise pollution they can cause. We strongly encourage residents to attend professional fireworks shows. These events are carefully planned and executed by trained professionals who follow stringent safety protocols, minimizing risks and providing a safe environment for all.

If You Choose to Use Fireworks, Follow the Rules

For those residents choosing to use fireworks to celebrate July 4th and 24th, we ask you to exercise extreme caution during the dry days of summer. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Midvale and Utah laws regarding prohibited areas where fireworks are not permitted, as well as the approved days and times when they may be included in celebrations. This will ensure the safety of all our residents.

For more information, check out the map of prohibited areas in Midvale and the Utah Fire Prevention and Fireworks Act.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Legal Dates and Times: Only light fireworks during the designated dates and times.
  • Restricted Zones: Fireworks are not allowed at any Midvale City park. Review the map of all prohibited areas and ensure you are not discharging fireworks in these zones.
  • A person guilty of an infraction can be punished by a fine up to $1,000. If a person discharges a class C common state-approved explosive outside the legal discharge dates and times or in prohibited areas.
  • Safety First: Be mindful of wind conditions, maintain a safe distance from structures and vegetation, and have a water source nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Consideration: Be considerate of your neighbors and the community. Fireworks can be disruptive, especially to those with pets, young children, and veterans with PTSD.

Prohibited Fireworks in Utah

To further ensure safety, the following types of fireworks are prohibited in Utah:

  • Aerial Salute
  • Any device containing a rocket
  • Bottle rocket
  • Cake containing more than 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition
  • Cannon Cracker
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Comet
  • Firecrackers
  • Flash Shell
  • Ground Salute
  • M-80
  • Mine
  • Missile Rocket
  • Re-loadable aerial shell rocket
  • Rocket mounted on a wire stick
  • Roman Candle
  • Single shot
  • Skyrocket

These restrictions are in place to prevent accidents and injuries associated with the use of high-powered fireworks.

Reporting Illegal Fireworks

Residents are encouraged to report non-emergency illegal use of fireworks to dispatch at 801-840-4000. Remember, if you see a fire or an immediate danger, call 911.