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Administrative Services

Welcome to the Administrative Services Department of Midvale City, where we strive to provide essential services with a commitment to efficiency and excellence. Our department comprises three vital divisions: Information Technology, Finance, and Justice Court. 

Woman on calculator with paperWithin our Finance Department, we manage the City's financial functions. This includes preparing the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), crafting the annual budget, overseeing all accounting processes, and managing procurement. The Finance division's dedication to fiscal responsibility ensures that Midvale City can continue to grow and thrive.

House with dice Our Utility Billing division, under the guidance of the City Treasurer, handles the creation and maintenance of all customer utility accounts. Monthly, we bill customers for their usage of culinary water, sewer, trash, storm drain services, and street lighting. Additionally, we handle billing and fee collection on behalf of UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) users, further extending our commitment to delivering essential services to our residents.

Justice Court buildingThe Midvale Justice Court holds jurisdiction over Class B and C misdemeanors, small claims, and infractions within the city's boundaries. This includes the adjudication of traffic, parking, and criminal offenses. Our dedicated Justice Court staff is committed to delivering service excellence, with four members fluent in Spanish to cater to the diverse needs of our community.

Information TechnologyThe Information Technology department serves as the technological backbone of Midvale City. We manage the city's technology infrastructure, safeguard information system security, promote technology education, and oversee data disaster recovery planning. Moreover, our Information Technology team houses the City's Geographic Information System (GIS), which plays a crucial role in spatial data management and analysis.

Fraud Hotline
If you have any suspicion of acts of financial wrongdoing (fraud or waste) by employees of, or within, the Midvale City government please contact the State Auditor Hotline at 801-538-9777 or visit their website.