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Business License Applications

Business License Applications

All businesses in Midvale are required to have a valid business license issued by Midvale City. The license must be obtained prior to conducting business. Licenses are non-transferable between owners or locations. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis (before December 31st of each year).

To obtain a business license, please fill out the applicable Business License Application (find applications below). Each application has a list of steps and relevant fee information.

For questions regarding which application to fill out, license steps, fees, or other business licensing inquires please email businesslicense@midvale.com or call 801-567-7200 ext. 1017.

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Business License Applications
Download and complete the appropriate Business License Application below and email it along with any supporting documents to the Business Licensing Department.
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Business License Applications13 documents

  • Booth Rental Application
    document Header Booth Rental Application
  • Christmas Tree Sales Application
    document Header Christmas Tree Sales Application
  • Commercial Business Application
    document Header Commercial Business Application
  • Firework Stand Application
    document Header Firework Stand Application
  • Food Truck Application
    document Header Food Truck Application
  • Home Business Application
    document Header Home Business Application
  • Liquor License Application
    document Header Liquor License Application
  • Massage Booth Rental Application
    document Header Massage Booth Rental Application
  • Massage Establishment Application
    document Header Massage Establishment Application
  • Residential Landlord Application
    document Header Residential Landlord Application
  • SOB Application
    document Header SOB Application
  • Solicitation Application
    document Header Solicitation Application
  • Vending Cart Application
    document Header Vending Cart Application