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Business Licensing

Business License Applications

Business License Division

The Business License Division guides customers through the process of starting or expanding a business in the City while building ongoing relationships to support business in our community.  The division also assists the public by ensuring businesses operating within Midvale City are properly licensed and are compliant with all applicable codes, regulations, and health, safety, and zoning requirements. In addition, the licensing team answers inquiries for existing licensees, follows up on the approval, and issues business license certificates.

Get Started

To get started, check out Obtain a Business License to learn how to apply for your Midvale City business license, and visit our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information on the process.   

Business License Fee Schedule

Business License fees are approved and adopted each year by the Midvale City Council via the Midvale City Municipal Fee Schedule. For questions regarding business licenses please email businesslicense@midvale.com or call 801-567-7200 ext. 1017.

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