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Community Development

The Planning Division provides professional planning services for land use, transportation, housing, and urban design. They ensure a high quality of life for the community by implementing the City's General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Design Guidelines through formal reviews and public hearings. Their responsibilities include reviewing development proposals, offering public information on planning and zoning, and assisting the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in their reviews.

AdobeStock_610247878Building & Safety

The Building & Safety Division is committed to facilitating the creation of secure, compliant, and well-designed structures in the community. Whether it involves homeowners embarking on renovation projects, contractors overseeing new construction initiatives, or developers orchestrating extensive undertakings, the Building and Safety team is unwavering in their dedication to offering assistance at all phases. Their primary objective is to ensure the safety of lives, property, and the environment by diligently enforcing building codes, zoning regulations, and construction standards.

AdobeStock_343143469 (1)Business Licensing
The Business License Division facilitates business setup and growth in our city, maintains good community-business relations, and ensures legal compliance. We handle license applications, coordinate agency approvals, provide assistance to existing businesses, and investigate complaints.

AdobeStock_605779969Code Compliance

Midvale City's Code Compliance Detective is committed to creating a secure and attractive community that complies with health and safety regulations while upholding our collective community values. He employs a friendly, fair, and unbiased approach to support residents in complying with the city's codes. Through collaboration with residents, he works to restore properties to compliance, ultimately improving the quality of life in our community.

The Engineering Division oversees Midvale City's capital improvement projects, traffic systems, infrastructure construction permits, and utility inspections. Additionally, they actively participate in development reviews to ensure that all projects adhere to the required design and construction standards and specifications. The Engineer Division meticulously assesses and supervises the safety and efficiency of traffic signals, transportation infrastructure, and construction activities to maintain the highest standards of quality and performance.

AdobeStock_108443032Economic Development
The Economic Development Division is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and prosperous community by supporting businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. We believe that a thriving local economy benefits everyone in our community, and our mission is to facilitate growth and development that enhances the quality of life for our residents.

Online Services

Many Community Development services, including Building Applications and Inspections, can be completed online.
ID Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
1.00 Community Development Adam Olsen Director aolsen@midvale.com (801) 567-7231
2.00 Community Development Aubrey Ruiz Executive Assistant aruiz@midvale.com (801) 567-7211
3.00 Building buildingpermit@midvale.com (801) 567-7200
4.00 Business Licensing businesslicence@midvale.com (801) 567-7200
5.00 Planning planning@midvale.com (801) 567-7200
6.00 Redevelopment Agency Cody Hill Redevelopment Agency Manager chill@midvale.com (801) 567-7219
7.00 Redevelopment Agency Kate Andrus Redevelopment Agency Program Manager kandrus@midvale.com (801) 567-7260
8.00 Redevelopment Agency Meggie Troili Redevelopment Agency Project Manager mtroili@midvale.com (801) 567-7261
9.00 Engineering Keith Ludwig City Engineer ludwigk@midvale.com (801) 567-7258
10.00 Engineering Steve Busch Project Manager sbusch@midvale.com (801) 567-7259
11.00 Engineering Dave Clark Stormwater Coordinator dclark@midvale.com (801) 567-7256
12.00 Engineering Brett Bohman Stormwater Inspector bbohman@midvale.com (801) 567-7234
13.00 Engineering Devin Warr Engineering Inspector dwarr@midvale.com (801) 567-7257
14.00 Engineering Billie Smathers Project Site Coordinator bsmathers@midvale.com (801) 567-7217