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Stormwater Division

To report a spill or an illegal discharge into a storm drain call Midvale City Public Works at 801-567-7235

Stormwater Utility

Midvale City implemented a stormwater utility fee to pay for the costs associated with the collection and management of the citywide storm drain system. The utility fee pays for storm drain cleaning, maintenance repairs, upgrades, and capital improvements through the system. The utility also funds a management program mandated by Federal and State agencies which require increased water quality and quantity controls to mitigate pollutants that may be discharged from the drainage system into nearby rivers and streams.

Stormwater Division

The Stormwater Division is responsible for ensuring the safe conveyance of stormwater, safeguarding against flooding by maintaining a comprehensive drainage network comprising gutters, inlets, pipes, and ponds. This proactive approach minimizes property damage and aligns with state and federal regulations that mandate cities to manage storm runoff, thereby reducing downstream pollution. In Utah, stormwater is publicly owned by the state.

The Stormwater Division oversees utility management, stormwater control planning, and projects to comply with the Utah Clean Water Act. The primary objective is to curtail pollution in rivers and streams during rainfall or snowmelt. Maintenance and cleaning procedures include:
  • Street Sweeping: A preventive measure to stop debris from entering catch basins.
  • Grate Cleaning: Carried out as required before or during rain events or upon notification of issues.
  • Cleaning Pipes/Catch Basins: Regular inspections are conducted to determine the need for cleaning out pipes and catch basins.

Stormwater Management Plan
Midvale City has developed a Stormwater Management Plan and partners with Salt Lake County municipalities and Salt Lake County to educate local residents and businesses to prevent stormwater pollution. Join us in our efforts to reduce stormwater runoff pollution by following the practices described on our Stormwater Education page

Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition
Midvale City is a member of the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition. To prevent water pollution and support compliance with the Clean Water Act, the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition gathers local, county, state, and city experts in stormwater management and water quality to provide education and actionable practices to students and educators, residents, homeowners, businesses, municipal leaders, contractors, developers, and businesses. Their efforts address stormwater pollution prevention, the importance of water quality, and prevention efforts. The Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition consists of representatives from each participating municipality, scientists, directors, and engineers who lead coordinated permit regulations and compliance. These initiatives are always in conjunction with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Adopt a Storm Drain

Residents can help by spending just 15 minutes each month clearing leafy debris, trash, and other materials from storm drains near their home. Get reminders, cleaning tips and more by participating in the Salt Lake County Adopt a Storm Drain program.


Frequently Asked Questions
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1.00 Roland Garcia Streets/Stormwater Manager rgarcia@midvale.com (801) 567-7263