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See a Problem? Report it.

In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. For situations requiring immediate attention, use the contact information provided here.

The Public Works Report a Problem Portal lets residents report non-emergency issues conveniently. Emergencies like water leaks, downed stop signs, or sewer backups should be reported to Public Works at 801-567-7235. For non-emergencies, use the portal to submit a request. Requests go to the relevant city division, and users receive email updates on their status. Reportable items include City parks, roads, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm drains, street lights, signs, fences, and water or snow removal issues. This user-friendly platform improves communication for efficient issue resolution.

AdobeStock_605779969Code Compliance

Residents can report code violations, such as weeds, unauthorized signs, business licensing, unauthorized land usage, and home-based businesses, using our online form. This facilitates prompt attention to the issues reported and initiates the process toward resolution.

UPD Graffiti vanReport Graffiti

Experience has shown that removing graffiti as soon as it occurs is the best prevention against future graffiti. Whenever you see graffiti please contact the Unified Police Department Graffiti Removal Program at 385-468-9769 or graffiti@updsl.org. UPD will send someone out to take a photo to document the graffiti and then either remove the graffiti or provide the property owner with paint and solvent if they prefer to remove the graffiti themselves. If someone tags the location again, report it again. It may take two or three times before the vandal gives up or gets caught.

Trash Collection Problems

Animal Problems