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Midvale City Council Approves Station Area Plans to Boost Urban Vitality and Resilience

UTAThe Midvale City Council approved the Midvale Center & Fort Union Station Area Plan on January 16, 2024. This initiative aligns with the requirements set forth by Utah State Legislature's House Bill 462 (HB 462), which mandates municipalities with fixed rail guideways to prepare and adopt Station Area Plans (SAP).

The focus of the SAP is to provide a clear direction for improvements in urban design, land use, economic development, and walking and biking facilities within a half-mile radius from the Midvale Center and Fort Union TRAX stations. The plan is designed to address specific needs of each station area, building upon Midvale City's 2016 General Plan and other local and regional plans.

Key objectives outlined in accordance with HB 462 include increasing transportation choices and connections, boosting the availability and affordability of housing (including moderate-income housing), promoting sustainable environmental conditions, and enhancing access to opportunities. The approval of the SAP reflects Midvale City's commitment to achieving these objectives and fostering a more sustainable and inclusive community.

The Station Area Plan underwent a comprehensive community engagement process to gather feedback and insights from various stakeholders. Multiple activities were organized, including an online survey, stakeholders workshop, community workshop, open house, and bi-monthly discussions with the Midvale City Council. This inclusive approach ensured that the plan incorporated the perspectives and concerns of the community, fostering a sense of collective ownership and support.

Following the Council's approval, the next steps involve submitting a request for certification to the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). Certification by these entities is a necessary step to ensure compliance with the state requirements outlined in HB 462.

The Midvale Center & Fort Union Station Area Plan sets a precedent for thoughtful urban planning and community involvement. Midvale City is poised to make significant strides in sustainable development, transportation, and housing accessibility. This strategic approach reflects a commitment to creating a vibrant and resilient city for current and future generations.