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Midvale City Council Calls for Resignation of Utah State Board of Education Member Natalie Cline Following Social Media Controversy

On February 9, 2024, the Midvale City Council issued a strongly worded letter to Natalie Cline, a member of the Utah State Board of Education, expressing grave concerns over her recent actions. The letter addresses Cline's targeting of a high school student on social media, highlighting the resulting stress and potential harm inflicted upon the student, as well as the broader impact on community integrity. The council emphasizes the inherent duty of elected officials, particularly those overseeing educational standards and student welfare, to promote inclusivity, understanding, and respect. Cline's behavior, deemed to have led directly to cyberbullying and public criticism of a student, is condemned for contradicting these values. Notably, the letter references condemnation from state leaders, including Governor Spencer Cox and Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson, as well as concerns expressed by the Granite School District. The council underscores that this incident is not an isolated occurrence but part of a recurring pattern of behavior, previously subject to official reprimand. Ultimately, the council demands Cline's immediate resignation from the Utah State Board of Education, citing a loss of trust in her ability to act in the best interests of students and families, and the need to uphold an educational environment where every student feels valued and protected.