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Midvale City Council Recognizes NextGen Cohort and Passes Proclamation in Support of Community Renewable Energy Program

nextgen - CopyMayor Marcus Stevenson's NextGen Initiative serves as a platform for empowerment, aiming to tap into the passion, talent, and potential of the youth in our city. As part of the NextGen Initiative, participants have valuable opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and gain insights into the inner workings of local government.  This direct interaction enables participants to better understand the decision-making processes, policies, and initiatives that shape our city. Through active engagement with their community, students lay a solid groundwork for a brighter future, right in their hometown.

The inaugural NextGen cohort consists of Nyah Cox, Ethan Mears, Benjamin Bridge, Narayani Shanker, Isabella Goates, Manvi Chechi, Ivy Costello, Maqee Chavez, and Matthew Miller. In the last six months, these students have delved into a journey of discovery and education, engaging in informative tours of The Road Home, Unified Police Department Midvale Precinct, Public Works, State Legislature, and beyond. Furthermore, they have invested their time in researching and crafting a proclamation in Support of the Community Renewable Energy Program.

Utah Renewable Communities is a coalition of cities, counties, and other municipalities that are pioneering renewable energy solutions in our state. These communities are 100% committed to clean energy for Utah. They work to inform, inspire, and empower our communities to be the change for a sustainable tomorrow.

Mayor Marcus Stevenson emphasized the significance of the Community Renewable Energy Program, stating, "The Community Renewable Energy Program allows cities to opt into net-100% renewable energy through Rocky Mountain Power. This program gives cities a seat at the table for energy in their communities and gives residents the choice of where they receive their energy from."

The NextGen cohort’s hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. On April 16, 2024, the City Council unanimously passed the resolution and extended recognition to the NextGen cohort for their unwavering commitment to their community. This milestone serves as a testament to the impact of youth involvement and the positive change it can bring about.